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We invite you to join us this spring and summer for a series of Arts & Culture Roundtables addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our local arts community, focusing on racial justice.

The arts are an integral and powerful tool in helping communities reflect, grow, and heal, but first, we need to examine how our local arts community excludes some of the most relevant voices of our time. Through this series of roundtables, we want to better understand and acknowledge the inequalities that exist in Lane County’s arts community. We are striving to:

1. Take an honest look at the issues and challenges in our own communities

2. Identify strategies to improve equity, accessibility, and representation in our own practices, programs, operations, and organizational cultures

3. Recognize gaps and identify existing resources and support for artists and arts professionals

4. Cultivate space for the voices of black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) and other underrepresented community members to be heard

These roundtables are planned in response to the larger need to address harmful systems of power. It is our responsibility to acknowledge our community’s history and actively gather to have courageous conversations about its current state of exclusion, inclusivity, and representation.

The first two roundtables will be community-guided conversations. Following roundtables will be planned in response to the needs that arise from those initial conversations. Ultimately, we hope participants will gain new perspectives and information, find inspiration to create change in their organizations and communities, and garner newfound connections with other artists and arts professionals for support and resource-sharing.

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